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Extending Your Stay in Canada

When you first come to Canada as a visitor, you use one of these documents to enter:

  • visitor visa (also called a temporary resident visa)
  • an electronic travel authorization (eTA)
  • a valid passport or travel document

If you want to extend your stay in Canada as a visitor (stay in Canada longer), you need to apply for a visitor recordA visitor record is not a visa.

A visitor record

  • is a document that gives you status as a visitor in Canada and allows you to stay longer
  • includes a new expiry date
  • that’s the new date that you must leave Canada by

When to apply for a visitor record

You must apply for a visitor record before your current status expires. If you’re not sure when your status expires, find out how long you can stay in Canada.

Leaving and returning to Canada

A visitor record is a document that continues to give you status as a visitor in Canada and allows you to stay longer. It doesn’t guarantee that you can leave and then re-enter Canada.

If you plan to travel outside Canada or the United States, you need a valid entry document, such as a visitor visa or eTA, to return to Canada.

Who can apply for a visitor record

A visitor record is for people who want to

  • extend their stay in Canada as a visitor, or
  • change their permit type from
  • a study permit to a visitor record
  • a work permit to a visitor record

It doesn’t matter if you entered Canada using a visitor visa, electronic travel authorization (eTA) or another document. If you want to extend your stay in Canada as a visitor, you need a visitor record.

When to apply

If you want to extend your stay as a visitor or change your status (from international student or worker to visitor for example), you should apply at least 30 days before your current status expires.

The expiry date for your status is on

  • the stamp in your passport (this is NOT the date included on your visitor visa)
  • if you don’t have a stamp in your passport, the expiry date is 6 months from the day you entered Canada
  • your study permit
  • your work permit or
  • your visitor record (if you’ve already extended your stay)

How to apply for a visitor record

In most cases, you must apply online to extend your stay as a visitor (get a visitor record).

Applying online

When you apply online, we get your application instantly, which can help us process your application faster. If you already applied on paper, you don’t have to resubmit your application online.

How applying online helps you

  • No courier fees or mail delivery time – we get your application instantly.
  • Your application may be processed more quickly.
  • It helps you make sure your application is complete before you submit it.
  • You can quickly submit more documents online (if we ask you to).
  • You get updates on the status of your application directly in your online account.

Step 1: Make sure you have what you need

To apply online, you’ll need:

  • a scanner or camera to create electronic copies of your documents, and
  • a valid credit or debit card.

Step 2: Read the instruction guide

Even if you apply online, you should read the instruction guide before you complete your application. The guide will explain how to complete each field on the form.

Step 3: Prepare your answers for the online tool

Before you can upload your forms, you must answer some questions. We use your answers to create a personalized document checklist for you. To apply for a visitor record, you must provide these answers in the online tool:

  • For the first question “What would you like to do in Canada?”, select “Visit.”
  • When asked “What is your current country/territory of residence?”, select “Canada.”

Step 4: Create your online account or sign in

You need an account to apply online. You can use your account to:

  • pay your fees
  • submit your application
  • check your status

If you can’t apply online

You can submit a paper application in any of these situations:

  • you can’t apply online because of a disability
  • there’s a problem with the online application

What to do if you can’t apply online

After you apply

If your processing time has passed, you may contact us by using this Web form. For the “type of application/enquiry,” select one of the temporary residence options (online or on paper).

If your status expires

If you apply to extend your stay in Canada before the date you’re supposed to leave, you can legally remain in Canada until a decision is made on your application. In this situation, you have implied status.

Current Processing Times Due to COVID is about 110 Days

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