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Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Card

Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Card

A permanent resident is someone who has been given permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada, but is not a Canadian citizen. Permanent residents are citizens of other countries.

When you are travelling, you need a permanent resident (PR) card to prove you’re a PR when you return to Canada.

Apply for a PR card or travel document, get urgent processing or check the status of your application.

If your PR card expires, you can renew your card. You still have your PR status even if your PR card expired. Your PR Card application (IMM 5444E) shall be done at the Port of Entry itself. It is part of the PR package and the photos & details will be the same as you supplied for the PR.

Apply for a permanent resident card?

If you are a new immigrant to Canada, you do not need to apply for a permanent resident (PR) card. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will mail your card to you when you get to Canada.

You should apply for a PR card if:

  • you plan to travel outside the country and will return to Canada on a commercial vehicle like an airplane, a bus, a train, or a boat;
  • you did not get your PR card after you gave us your Canadian mailing address, and it has been more than 180 days since you provided your address;
  • you need evidence of your PR status;
  • your card was lost, stolen or destroyed and you want a new one;
  • your PR card expires in less than nine months; or
  • you have legally changed your name and need to update the name on your PR card.

Consult the processing times to see how long it will take to get a PR card.

After you submit your application, you can expect to hear from IRCC:

  • If your application is properly completed and you meet the requirements for a PR Card
  • If you gave us a valid email address, we will send you an Acknowledgement of Receipt (AoR) of your application;
  • you will get your card in the mail or a letter from us telling you when and where to pick up your card.
  • If your application is incomplete
  • your application will be returned to you.

If IRCC ask you to pick up your PR Card in person

You must bring your old card and the original documents of the photocopies you included with your application.

Checking application status

In Canada, you may Contact Us or go online to see the current status of your application:

  1. Click on Check application status, and
  2. follow the instructions provided.

If you are outside Canada, you may Contact the Canadian embassy, high commission or consulateresponsible for your region.

Delivery of PR Card

Your PR Card comes back to you via regular post mail, in 3-6 weeks, average 4 weeks maximum. 

It is suggested to stay in Canada for at least 45days, collect your PR Card and then travel if you must. If you’re unavailable to receive the PRC and leave the country before it arrives, you need to make arrangements accordingly for its collection & forward delivery to you,overseas, through a friend/relative. (However, this action is not recommended as there is a danger of losing it in transit and if that happens, you’ll have a tedious process to get new ones made.)

Important Information

The PR Card is probably the most important document after you are through with the PR application. It is valid for 5 years. You don’t lose your permanent resident status when your PR card expires. You can only lose your status if you go through an official process.

You can lose your permanent resident status if:

  • an adjudicator determines you are no longer a permanent resident after an inquiry or PRTD appeal;
  • you voluntarily renounce your permanent resident status;
  • a removal order is made against you and comes into force; or
  • you become a Canadian citizen.

Even if you don't meet the residency obligation, you are still a PR until an official decision is made on your status.

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