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Are you born on 9th, 18th or 27th?
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Are you born on 9th, 18th or 27th?

People born on 9th, 18th or 27th are ruled by Number 9 or the planet Mars. Mars is a very destructive planet and red in color. It is known as the commander in chief and is dressed as a warrior. It is hot and fiery from outside and has ice inside.

Mars was famous for bravery and courage. People ruled by the planet Mars are courageous and have tremendous energy in them. If they are able to channel this energy in the right direction they are very successful in life. Number 9 people excel in any kind of sport. Also, generally seen, Number 9 people are the most active among all the other numbers.

Napoleon had only Number 9 people in his army as he knew that Number 9 people have tremendous energy to fight and are very courageous.

Number 9 is a good number be it psychic, destiny or name. But number 9 should only be one of the three numbers. For example, if the psychic or destiny is a 9, Number 9 should not be the name number. If both, psychic and destiny are 9; name number 9 should be strictly avoided. People ruled by both, psychic and destiny 9 are seen to be very restless and aggressive. Now, let’s see the general characteristics of Psychic Number 9.

Psychic Number 9

Short tempered: Due to the fiery nature number 9 people are short tempered. Depending upon the destiny and name number the temperament may get better or worse. Generally seen, Psychic 9 with destiny 1 is a good combination as these people are able to channel their energy to their work.

Argumentative: Number 9 people will never stop arguing. They are talkative and raise their voice in order to prove their point.

Restless: Number 9 people are very restless and they always want to be occupied with something or the other. It is very difficult for them to sit quietly. Also, they are better with work involving physical exercise rather than mental stimulation.

Unstable in temperament: Since Number 9 people are short tempered, they are not able to remain calm and quiet for long. Even if they talk to people, the tone of their voice will be higher.

Highly Energetic: Number 9 people can work without sleep as well. I have often seen people ruled by Mars do not sleep much as they keep on feeling restless. They are the most energetic people among all the other psychic numbers.

Emotional: For the world, Number 9 people may look like very strong and stubborn. But they are actually very soft and emotional people. They are like the planet Mars, fiery from outside and ice inside.

The above are the basic characteristics of Number 9 people. But please note that these characteristics can be positive or negative depending upon their name numbers or destiny numbers. Now let's talk about Number 9 psychic number as positive and negative.

Number 9 Psychic When Positive

Energetic: Number 9 people are all about energy and their biggest challenge is to use it properly. Having a good name number like 6 can keep them calm from outside and make them use their energy in the right direction.

Hard working and determination: They are hard working and work with full determination. This is their strongest positive quality.

Courageous: Number 9 are courageous and adventurous. At times they work as excellent motivators for people around them. They are always the leader when it comes to adventure sports. They can go and fight with their enemies without weapon as well.

Optimistic: Number 9 people are full of enthusiasm and are optimistic people. At times they may feel low as they have an emotional side but this is never displayed to the world.

In short, what we can conclude from the above positive qualities is that Number 9 people have a lot of energy in them and their biggest challenge is to use it efficiently. People in sports generally utilize it the best. When negative, Number 9 people can be a big pain for people around them as people around them have to tolerate their aggression.

Number 9 Psychic When Negative

Arrogant: Due to their uneven temperament, Number 9 psychic are seen as arrogant by others. They always try and force their point of view and never give up easily.

Short tempered: The temper of Number 9 can be very bad as discussed earlier. People having this problem should keep wearing a Red Coral throughout their life.

Accident prone: Too many 9’s always create problems. More than one 9 in the date makes the person accident prone. Generally seen, number 9 people lose blood. This is truer for people with both, psychic and destiny 9 or people with name number 9 and psychic number 9.

Over confident: At times Number 9 people get over confident about their abilities. They will always try and show themselves confident irrespective of whether they are from within or not.

Quarrelsome: When negative, Number 9 people tend to be very quarrelsome. They would want things to happen their way and if it doesn’t, they start fighting and people around them suffer because of this.

Aggressive Lovers: Number 9 are seen to be aggressive lovers. Often their partners have to struggle dealing with them as they try to force themselves on their partners, both physically and emotionally.

If I was to explain Number 9 in 3-4 lines, I would do it as follows. Number 9 people should just try to talk softly and control their uneven temperament. The idea is that the energy in them has to come out some way or the other. If they are able to control their temperament, their energy will be used in their work.

I have the following suggestions for Number 9 people:

· Control your uneven temperament

· Avoid arguments

· Avoid unnecessary fights and quarrels

· Try to work smarter than harder

· Try to be patient

Number 9 psychic should always follow the below to get more luck in their life:

Lucky Days: Tuesday and Friday are the lucky days of Number 9 psychic. They should always try to take important decisions on these days and try to do all the important work in these days.

Lucky Colors: The lucky colors of Number 9 people are red and pink. Wearing these color clothes will make them lucky and give them positive energy. However, color red should be avoided as the car color.

Unlucky Colors: Number 9 psychic should strictly avoid the black color.

Unlucky Numbers: 4 and 8 should be avoided at all times.

Lucky Dates and Numbers: Lucky dates and numbers of Number 9 psychic are that of series 3, 6 and 9. Number 9 psychic should always try and do all their important work on these dates.

Lucky Stone: Red coral

Rules over: Number 9 rules over blood.

Professions most suited: Army, surgeons, chemist, iron and steel industry, manufacturers of metal goods, construction and police officers. Please note that Psychic Number 9 people would be the best in these jobs but it does not mean that they will not do well in other work. Based on their strengths and weaknesses, they will be the best in these areas of work.

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At d article you mention number 6 makes number 9 calm . Can u explain that bit further please
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Also there in my articles
Rups· Dec 07, 01:46
Mine is : psychic : 9; destiny : 7 and Name : 1 .. how is this combination ? And why is it so difficult to be around psychic no. 4?? Heartbroken 😂