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Are you born on 7th, 16th or 25th?

People born on 7th, 16th or 25th of any month are ruled by Ketu or Dragon’s tail. The direction of Ketu is always retrograde which means it always moves in the opposite direction in a horoscope. Ketu is a node and not a planet. It is the south node of moon. It is a highly spiritual planet and also it can take you towards moksha.

It is supposed to be malefic, dynamic in nature, low in vibration and internally dissatisfied. Number 7 has a special significance in numerology which is ignored by most of the numerologists.

Number 7 gives spiritual power to its native and if used carefully, it takes people high in life and they remain at the top of their profession. Many celebrities at Number 1 have a 7 as their psychic, destiny or name number.

You will learn more about this by looking at the examples towards the end of this chapter. Now let’s discuss the characteristics of Number 7 as psychic number.

Psychic Number 7

Secretive: Number 7 people are secretive in nature. They will look quiet from outside generally, also, it is difficult to understand what is going on within them. You might feel that you understand them but it is difficult to really do that.

Intuitive Powers: Number 7 people, if in the field of art can do wonders. There work will always stand out. Their work has originality. For example, Karan Johar born on 25th, his movies are always different in the industry.

Restless: These people are very restless from within but you will not be able to understand it by looking at them or talking to them. Psychic 7 always keep on struggling with themselves.

Indecisive: Number 7 people struggle in making decisions. They need a strong number as their partners to get going and helping them in making decisions. However with a strong destiny and a strong name number they can overcome these problems. A name number does wonders for Psychic Number 7.

Sentimental: They are highly sensitive and lovers by heart. They always need someone close to them so that they can share their innermost feelings.

Introvert: Very few number 7 people are outgoing and extrovert. Generally they take time in getting close to people. At times you will find that a few 7’s talk a lot but still they generally do not open their heart out.

Excellent analytical skills: They excel in jobs involving analysis and research. As discussed earlier, in this field their work will always stand out. This is mainly because psychic 7 people’s brain is hyper active. They always keep on analyzing something in their brain. They will be able to channel their strengths in the right direction only in jobs which needs a lot of thinking, creativity or analysis.

The above are the basic characteristics of Number 7 people. But please note that these characteristics can be positive or negative depending upon their name numbers or destiny numbers. Now let's talk about Number 7 psychic number as positive and negative.

Number 7 Psychic When Positive

Philosophical: Number 7 people are philosophical by nature. There is always something or the other going on in their mind. If their destiny and name number are good they can become excellent scholars.

Good speaker: They generally talk less, but when needed they talk substance and make good speakers. This is truer for Psychic 7 born as Gemini or Virgo.

Flexible: They are not stubborn like number 1 or 3 people. Their mind changes often. They get influenced by people soon. Number 7 are able to adapt to environment easily.

Expressive: They are expressive and are very romantic in relationships. They know the art of love making and are highly sensual.

Magnetic: They have a magnetic personality and stand out of the crowd. There is a different aroma in psychic 7 people.

Number 7 Psychic When Negative

Easy to Influence: This is one of the negatives Number 7 people should strictly avoid. They should always listen to their heart and act accordingly. Number 7 people are able to think out of the box but often they are confused due to which they do not realize their powers. Whenever they come in contact with other people they get influenced by them easily and change their decisions. This should be avoided as psychic 7 should always do what they feel is correct.

Dreamy Nature: Number 7 people have a tendency to dream a lot. They are day dreamers and often waste a lot of time doing that. They think negative at times and while thinking put themselves into situations and analyze. If they are able to overcome their negative thoughts and only think about positive aspects, they can go a long way in their career.

Over working: They do not let their mind rest in peace; they are always thinking something or the other.

Too introvert: At times Number 7 psychic get so involved with them that they are not able to connect with the rest of the world. This should be avoided as this can slow down their progress.

Underestimate their talents: Generally number 7 people are too modest. They are so involved in thinking that they forget their own worth and underestimate themselves. If psychic 7 are able to understand themselves and recognize their hidden talent, they can go a long way.

Decision making: Their decision making ability is bad. At times they make decisions quickly and later regret about it and on the other hand they take too much time in deciding as they remain confused.

Number 7 people can do wonders if they are able to recognize their hidden talent. They should try and find out their hidden passion and work on it.

I have the following suggestions for them:

· Avoid negative thoughts and restlessness. Try to think positive

· Try to take your decisions yourself and do not get influenced by people

· Try to understand yourself and your strengths better

· Try to avoid mood swings and make your mind more stable

Number 7 psychic should always follow the below to get more luck in their life:

Lucky Days: Sunday, Monday and Wednesday are the lucky days of Number 7 psychic. They should always try to take important decisions on these days and try to do all the important work in these days.

Lucky Colors: The lucky colors of Number 7 people are white, light green and blue. Wearing these color clothes will make them lucky and give them positive energy.

Unlucky Colors: Number 7 psychic should strictly avoid the black color.

Unlucky Numbers: 8 should be avoided at all times. Also try to avoid 4 as much as possible

Lucky Dates and Numbers: Lucky dates and numbers of Number 7 psychic are that of series 1, 2 and 7. Number 7 psychic should always try and do all their important work on these dates.

Lucky Stone: Cat’s eye

Rules over: Number 7 rules over lungs, respiration and respiratory organs

Professions most suited:Water dominated profession, artistic and literary field, any work which would involve analysis. Please note that Psychic Number 7 people would be the best in these jobs but it does not mean that they will not do well in other work. Based on their strengths and weaknesses, they will be the best in these areas of work.

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