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Applying for Tourist Visa in Canada

Applying for Tourist Visa in Canada

Millions of visitors and tourists flock to Canada every year to visit friends and family or to just experience Canada’s natural beauty.

The Canada visit visa is granted for a period of six months and are either single entry or multiple entry visas. While you cannot work on the visit visa, you are free to travel across Canada for tourism and leisure.

Canada Tourist Visa is a temporary Canadian immigration option that allows tourists to visit Canada for the purpose of tourism and leisure. A Canada tourist visa is also known as Canada visitor visa or Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (TVR). The Canada tourist visa is granted for a maximum period of six months.

Canada tourist visas are of two types:

  • Single entry visa

A single entry visa allows the visa holder to enter Canada just once. After the visa holder leaves Canada, except for travelling to the United States and St. Pierre and Miquelon, he or she will need a new visa to enter Canada again. If the tourist is travelling to the United States (including its Territories and Possessions) or St. Pierre and Miquelon, he or she will not need a new visitor visa to return to Canada.

  • Multiple entry visa

A multiple entry visa allows a visitor to come and go from Canada for six months at a time, without having to reapply each time. The multiple entry visa can be valid for up to 10 years, or one month before the visa holder’s passport expires, whichever happens earlier.

Both the visas are valid for a fixed period and cannot be used after they expire.


The Canada Visit Visa is a straightforward visa application giving you the ability to visit Canada for a period of up to 6 months.

Key points to note about this visa are:

  • It can only be used for leisure or tourism purposes
  • You cannot use this visa to work or to apply for work
  • You can take your dependents and children along
  • Typically, the visit visa is issued in 27 days after submission


In order to meet the eligibility criteria for a tourist visa, you will need to prove to the immigration authorities the following things:

  • You have a valid passport
  • You are in good health
  • You have the financial resources means required to pay for your expenses while in Canada
  • You have a residence outside Canada and other binding ties that will ensure your return home after your visit to Canada
  • You plan to remain in Canada for a specific and limited period of time
  • You intend to leave Canada at the end of your visit
  • You have no intention to seek or undertake employment while in Canada
  • You have no criminal record
  • You do not pose a security risk
  • You agree to abide by the laws of the land
  • You may be required to undergo a medical examination


The Canada Visitor Visa process requires you to meet the following criteria:

  • A valid passport with an expiry date that is after six months or more.
  • Documents that prove you have enough ties to your home country.
  • Financial statements that prove you have enough funds to support your stay in Canada
  • A letter of invitation from your relatives if you are planning to stay with them
  • Medical clearance certificate if you need to undergo a medical exam before your trip.


  • No courier fees or mail delivery time – we get your application instantly.
  • Online applications may be processed more quickly.
  • Avoid processing delays. Incomplete applications are returned to you. Applying online helps ensure your application is complete before you submit it.
  • If we need to ask for more documents, you can quickly submit them online.
  • You don’t need to submit your passport until we ask for it.
  • Get updates on the status of your application directly in your online account.


You need to remember the following dos and don’ts while applying for Canada tourist visa.


  • Apply for a tourist visa to Canada at least a few weeks prior to your planned travel date to allow time for visa application procedure to be completed on time for your travel
  • Fill up your visa application form carefully with all accurate details
  • Bring along all forms and supporting documents for submitting your visa application form.


  • Do not present false documents for your visa
  • Do not hide or misrepresent facts in your visa application

Note that there is no formal appeal process if your application for a temporary resident visa is refused. In case you wish to re-apply, do so only after you have significant new information to submit.

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Please also share information about work permit. How to get work and what kind of steps involved in the whole process. Thanks.
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Visitors visa get affected by pandemic
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Maseeh· Nov 06, 01:56
Do you guys know a very good lawyer to help me with Canadian tourist visa application? Where his/her work is guaranteed.
Ali· Dec 25, 17:16
How can i apply for tourists visa for my wife? I already submitted the paperwork of her sponsorship but i want to apply vist visa or tourists visa for her. Please help 🙏