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Applying for Health Card

Applying for Health Card

Canadian citizens or permanent residents as well as foreigner workers or students may apply for a health card for major medical and hospital costs that is covered by provincial health insurance programs. To get health insurance, you need a health card to access medical facilities guided by provisions of Canada Health Act. As the universal health care system is funded by the cost of taxpayers. It is crucial to understand that each and every person in the family should have his or her own health card, including newborns and children. However, delivery of health care services and administration is the responsibility of each province or territory, individually. As a Health Card is provincial and is assisted by the federal government in the form of fiscal transfers. Medically necessary care covers :

  • Hospital care & prescriptions
  • maternity care and infertility
  • paramedical care (such as physical therapy or mental health services).
  • many types of surgery and laboratory tests
  • almost all immunizations
  • X-rays

However, there are no.of services which are not involved in your Health Card which include dental care, ambulance services, various prescription drugs and care needed related to glasses and contact lenses. 

Getting a Health Card

You need a health insurance card from the province/territory where you settled in Canada. In some provinces you may wait upto 3 months before you get the government health Card as the health care services provided by provinces and territories which may not be covered by the Act such as prescription drug coverage. First step towards getting and applying for a Health Card is to find your nearest Service Canada office where the application and documents are to be submitted by you. As the requirement and process to apply for the Health Card in Ontario may vary from Alberta. Listed below are some of the documents are needed in all the provinces/territories sorted on the bases of your status in Canada :

If you are a Canadian Citizen :

For Permanent Resident :

  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence 
  • Canadian Immigration Identification Card
  • Record of Landing 

For, applicants of Permanent Residence :

  1. applied for permanent residence
  2. met the eligibility requirements to apply for permanent residence
  3. have not been denied

For Newcomers to Canada :

For Veterans:

  • VAC Health Care Identification Card - Using your VAC Health Identification Card - Health Care Benefits (Treatment Benefits) - Health and well being - Services - Veterans Affairs Canada

To use provincial health care services according to different provinces and territory of residence below :

  1. Alberta - Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP)
  2. British Columbia - Health - Province of British Columbia
  3. Manitoba - The Manitoba Health Services Insurance Plan
  4. New Brunswick - Medicare and Drug Plans
  5. Newfoundland and Labrador - Department of Health and Community Services
  6. Northwest Territories - Applying for Health Care | Health and Social Services
  7. Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia Health Card (MSI) | novascotia.ca
  8. Nunavut - Nunavut Health Care Plan
  9. Ontario - Health care in Ontario
  10. Prince Edward Island - Health Care Coverage
  11. Quebec - Québec Health Insurance Plan
  12. Saskatchewan - Health care information in Saskatchewan | Information for Saskatchewan Residents and Visitors
  13. Yukon - Health care insurance plan

Please refer the above mentioned province/territory for further information regarding Health Card benefits and details. 

Once you receive your health card you can register with a doctor in your area:

· Finding a doctor and dentist 

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Vibhanshu · Dec 28, 12:41
I am currently on my work permit. I don't have a full time job yet. Can I still get a health card.