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Musicians in 🇨🇦

A group for musicians and music lovers to connect artists,musicians and audience to enjoy music in their regional language as well as any other language technically😁 We also encourage original work be it in ANY LANGUAGE.
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So , as I have said earlier and would keep on saying , this is a community and not just a solo project. This means that for me and for the community , your opinions matter as much as mine or anyone else. As an initial step , I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for a good catchy name for this little community ?

So while our little community is gradually growing , I would like to give a little bit of insight into the philosophy of this group. First things first , this is an open group . So you can invite and add whomever you like. This group is supposed to be a healthy community to support our musician and artist fellows. So it is but obvious to keep the content , posts , comments etc. to be clean.(I know , I may seem obnoxious highlighting this but just to be sure haha) . Why I started this group? When I moved to Canada , I was looking for musicians ,artists etc to practice , jam etc. What i found is that there are alot of great artists scattered all over canada , as well as new ones coming. It took me months just to find 3-4 other musicians. Posting on fb groups asking for artists etc , worked but you know how crowded Fb groups are and how many posts(plus scams obviously) appear on daily basis which makes it even harder for people to find other musicians.This group tackles this very problem.The aim is to create an ever-growing community of artists and musicians under one common roof , so that we can freely interact , connect and keep our passion for music alive. Let me know in the comments or feel free to DM any thoughts, advice etc to further make this place better.

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