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Jason T Brown

Jason T Brown

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At Brown LLC, our litigation team represents plaintiffs nationwide in qui tams, also known as whistleblowers, class actions, labor and employment rights and catastrophic injuries lawyer. Call us today for a free consultation.
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Our firm aggressively litigates high end cases nationwide.  We will handle high end litigation such as: False Claims Act Whistleblower Rights Class Actions Collective Actions (FLSA) I have had the honor and privilege of serving the country as an FBI Special Agent and Legal Advisor.  In private practice I've tried cases all over the country in State & Federal Court.  Past results don't guarantee future successes, but I've had some amazing results with the firms I've been with and the teams of lawyers assembled to handle complicated litigation including: $100 Million Dollar Settlement Fund for a Pharmaceutical Liability Case Tens of Millions of dollars in settlements under the False Claims Act  Tens of Millions of dollars for people who have been injured by bad products or in bad accidents Tens of Millions of dollars for various Class & Collective Actions including FLSA actions and Consumer Fraud  Judgments for the maximum permissible damages   Our firm is very selective in the cases we take, and only handle high end cases, however, we're happy to speak with your about your potential case and offer a free consultation on a variety of matters.   Please call us at (201)630-0000. You will find me and my firm to be personable, responsive, communicative and excellent litigators, who enjoy trying the cases and helping our clients. We have 24/7 phone service. Call us Right Now!   Read about me on my website at www.IFightForYourRights.com