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'World Class'​-2 critical elements to hit the target

'World Class'​-2 critical elements to hit the target

World Class' – Only two words, but the kind of which provokes our heart.

Every child who is fueled with the passion of being a pro in his/her field of sport would easily tell you that he/she is going to be the next, Jordan, Serena, Ronaldo, Sharapova etc. When I say 'every child' I mean 50,000,000! children at the age of 6-13 years old who play sports game.

If all those kids would continue to follow their passion there would be no point in continuing this article…

How come more than 40,000,000! children between the age 13-15 years old are quitting?

For those of you who want to play with the numbers let me quote some data:

  • Between the ages of 6-13 years old, approximately 50M are playing in different sports types.
  • Between the ages of 13-15 years old, there is a drop off by 80% equal to 40M players!
  • With the 10M remaining players , we have 8M joining the High Schools sports.
  • The trend continues and only ~6% will make it to the NCAA Divisions Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ.

For division Ⅰ you ask?... Just a bit more than 10K players.

Starting with 50,000,000 young kids left with about 10K players in percentage it's.... 0.0002%.

Continuing to the major leagues will drop the percentage much lower to some additional zeros after the dot….

At this point I'd like to emphasize that I am NOT going to deal with the - Big Common Question - Why?!

I am also NOT going to deal with some other important questions that naturally come to mind such as:

  • Were the kids really joining sport out of their own choice or their parents will?
  • Were they joining sport following the immense publicity famous athletes receive all over?
  • Are kids the ultimate drafted crowed without a strong independent personality?
  • Is it just not being any more pure fun play time?
  • Are there not enough coaches with the right approach to kids?
  • Are parents pushing too much causing their kids to quit?
  • Does everyone need to become a pro in everything they start with?

I'm sure by now you have some of your own questions and thoughts, so please feel free to reach me.

How come quitting is so popular?

To answer this big question and maybe throwing some light on the questions we raised before, I will share my perspective on the subject as I learned from my own experience. The last 14 years of my life I dedicated to deep studying and researching the world of human potential. Parallel to this time for the last ~8 years until now I work in the sport's industry and for what I consider to be the best practice and personal experience I've also been an athlete for years, a part of a youth basketball team taking the championship at 16yrs old. Unfortunately lacking through all those years the elusive link of peak performers.


While we are kids playing for fun there is no worry for performance, personal results, or improvement. Kids want to win and if not today so tomorrow. A bit older taking my game – basketball as an example - all I cared for was just throwing the ball to the basket one more time, day after day… just to give it another shot. Growing up a bit more and trying to take it seriously, we make a decision to move into a club or whatever we think will be for us the next best step. Little did we know we are getting into a new game, new rules and for the first time we are hosting this new big word CAREER in our mind. Before we even understand the real meaning of career - 3..2..1..go…. the routine is in control and we start running in this endless loop .. You heard about the routin right? 5 am you wake up for running and jumping, next the gym, all day count and pay attention to your nutrition and the list continue to grow. No more hang outs with friends, no drinks, and actually no friends, self-discipline, work ethic, persistence, resilience….

STOP! I didn’t sign on this contract!

Where is the ball I shoot yesterday? Why all those No's and restrictions? It feels more like an army and nothing to do with the game I love.

Bottom line... I wasn’t ready for the big game!

At this point I found 4 groups:

  • Those who quit their sport
  • Those who quit their sport and moving to a new type
  • Those who quit their league and look for smaller leagues
  •  Those who continue ahead in the same team

So, now you might ask what differs those athletes in the 4th group from the rest?

There are two groups of typical answers:

The first group will say: "It's easy, I will tell you why, it was the talent/ he is very smart/ it's the coach/ the persistence/ the great instincts/the work ethic/ the conditions of the environment, or even - didn’t you see the parents?"

The second group will say: "It's easy, let me tell you why… and then they will flood you with tones of academic information about the brain.

My advise… please don’t go there. You are only going to exhaust yourself in a vicious cycle. I also don't think you need to ask your son or daughter why they decided to quit. they did because of the same reason we all quit! Your answer to yourself will be the same for them. The next significant point is honesty. We all need to be truly honest and then brave enough to stick with our true answer. This will allow you, to attack and resolve the real cause of anything you do and will reduce radically the time you spent while driving yourself crazy and mostly regretful.

My honest answer to you the reader is the simple true: When there is no desire and belief there is no desirable results. Without the combination of the two, we are shooting in the dark.

With them joint together, we are everything we strive to become. Whatever you want to achieve in any field of life it's already yours but you have to keep your loyalty to this magnificent idea of yours.

Show me a champion and I will show you a true dreamer who never quit on his/her dream as it was their true desire which they believed in. "Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be"- James Allen. THE HEART OF A CHILD IS THE HEART of A TRUE CHAMPION. You were born with the natural desire, your faith you will need to feed.

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