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BORDERS- live-performed virtual experience
Hosted by Dirty Laundry Theatre

BORDERS- live-performed virtual experience

Dirty Laundry Theatre announces virtual ‘run’ of its unprecedented production of BORDERS, written by Nimrod Danishman and directed by Michael R. Piazza.  BORDERS is a one of its kind, adapted version of the play, performed live by the actors in their homes (without breaking quarantine) and streamed via YouTube Live on the company’s channel. The original production was awarded the best play nomination at the NY summer festival and scheduled for a run this summer. In the light of covid-19 realities, it has been transformed to an online storytelling experience, complete with all-new multimedia and video elements that bring this virtual dimension to life. This beautiful production unfolds the virtual encounter of Boaz and George, who meet on Grindr.They want to meet in person, but one lives in Israel, the other- in Lebanon. Find out if it is just the physical border that keeps Boaz and George apart? Would they be able to transition their virtual relationship to the real world? The play is based on actual across-the-border Grindr conversations that the Israeli playwright had with an individual in Lebanon. While homosexuality isn’t technically outlawed in Lebanon, the social implications can still be harsh. In Israel, while homosexuality is more socially acceptable, it isn’t a universal acceptance. Both characters are forced to really look for ‘workarounds’ to be able to live their true selves. An extended virtual run of BORDERS opens on Friday, April 24th, at 9pm ET, and will continue over the following four weekends for 8 shows only, closing May 17th.  All performances are donation based. To access the next show as well as more info: https://www.dirtylaundrytheatre.org/show/borders/  To support our theatre and community: https://www.gofundme.com/f/dirty-laundry-theatre
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Saturday · Apr 25, 2020 · 01:00
New York
New York, NY, USA
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