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Real Estate Simplified 
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San Jose Planning Commission members received a recent preview of an Urban Land Institute parking study and a slew of recommendations that aim to reduce congestion and the number of miles vehicles travel in the city as a way to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

ULI is an urban planning research organization and thinktank, which has members from development, financing and government that help with studies like the one done in San Jose. The study included a tour of the city and meeting with developers, local businesses, nonprofits, city officials and residents.

Parking is hot topic across communities, often paired with complicated nuance and clouded by anxiety from residents and businesses, ULI representatives acknowledged. In a large, diverse city like San Jose, the ULI study underlines that no one size fits all when it comes to reducing residents’ reliance on cars while also trying to meet legitimate parking needs.

But the ULI representatives — a cross-section of Bay Area commercial developers, affordable housing developers real estate financiers and officials from area cities — had many ideas about what San Jose could do better.

Read full article here: https://resimplified.me/2UxIGX4

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