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5 months ago
Life in the USA: All About Classic American Cuisine

Life in the USA: All About Classic American Cuisine

By Life in the USA

Though the United States expresses its culinary culture in many types of regional and ethnic cuisines, there are certain foods that can be found on family dinner tables and restaurants in every region of the country; these dishes make up what may be called standard or classic American cuisine. They tend to be hearty, filling, and simple. It may be a joy to sample these dishes at the table or restaurant of a fine cook; it may be a chore to attempt to navigate these same dishes if they are not lovingly prepared.

The classic heavy American breakfast: eggs (fried, scrambled, poached, or fancy variations like eggs benedict), bacon, sausage or ham, corned beef hash, home-fried or hash brown potatoes, pancakes or waffles (in maple syrup).

The lighter American breakfast: cold cereal (corn flakes, oat flakes, granola, or sweetened children’s cereal) or hot cereal (oatmeal, cream of wheat), cottage cheese.

With either breakfast: muffins, toast, orange juice, coffee or tea.

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