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How will California’s new laws affect you?

How will California’s new laws affect you?

Legal & Finance
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Criminal Justice:

Law enforcement officers can use deadly force only when it’s “necessary in defense of human life,” a standard created following fatal officer-involved shootings across California.

The state’s civil statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse allegations has been extended for 14 additional years, allowing some to file claims up to age 40.

California inmates will no longer be charged a copay for medical care or fees for medically necessary items.

Sexual assault evidence collected through rape kits must be submitted to a crime lab within 20 days and tested within 120 days, a law prompted by reports of evidence samples that sat untested for years.

Californians now have a civil cause of action against anyone who distributes a fake sex video or photo with their likeness.

California officials can no longer sign contracts to use private, for-profit prisons.

Read full article here: https://www.latimes.com/projects/new-california-2020-laws/#criminal_justice