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How will California’s new laws affect you?

Legal & Finance
Dashed border

Environment and Wildlife:

Trophy hunting of bobcats is illegal for the next five years and possibly longer, unless state wildlife officials approve a plan to preserve the animals’ overall population.

Smoking is now illegal in most parts of California state parks and beaches. Those who break the law are subject to a $25 fine.

New oil drilling in California will be prohibited from running pipelines across state-owned land — a strong push against any new drilling approved by the Trump administration.

Products that contain microbeads — found in some facial scrubs, soaps and toothpastes — are now illegal to sell in California after studies showed that the tiny plastics have been found in waterways and estuaries.

Trapping animals for the sale or use of fur is now illegal in California.

Any circus that uses animals other than domesticated dogs, cats or horses is banned from operating in California.

See more details here: latimes.com/projects/new-california-2…