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How a good credit score makes relocating to the US easier — for the whole family

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CreditStacks is a US credit card company that evaluates applicants based on potential, not just credit history. Applicants with no US credit history do not have to undergo a credit check, so CreditStacks is especially helpful for relocating professionals who arrive in the US without a local credit history. Qualified applicants receive a premium CreditStacks Mastercard® that allows them to start building credit from day one.

We’re happy to be part of the HomeIs community, sharing information with you about how new arrivals can build build good credit and a bright future in the US.

Learn more about us and apply for CreditStacks at creditstacks.com/signup/?promo=HomeIs.

No matter how exciting the opportunities involved, relocating to a new country is hard work, and relocating with your family is even more complicated. You’re adjusting to a new home, a new job, new friends, a new culture. You’re worried about the effect of the move on the people you care about most. You’re juggling priorities while learning how to navigate your new life. In the upheaval of this transition, it’s temptingly easy to put off dealing with the issue of your credit in the US.

Unfortunately, if you’re new to the US, not tackling your credit immediately and directly would be a big mistake. Here’s why.

Your credit score is a big deal

*Your credit score can mean the difference between a 0% loan and a 24% loan on your next car.*

In the US, your credit score is a big deal. It’s a measure of your financial credibility and general trustworthiness — a quick snapshot that tells people and companies whether it would be smart to do business with you. Think this sounds like a remote abstraction? Think again. Your credit score — which if you’re new to the country, is probably starting at close to zero — has a real effect on almost every facet of your new life.

Here’s what it boils down to:

- The things you want for your family may cost you a lot more if you have little or no credit. For example, your credit score can mean the difference between a 0% loan and a 24% loan on your next car.

- Some people or companies may prefer not to do business with you at all if you have little or no credit. For example, some landlords will refuse to rent an apartment to someone with a credit score below a certain number. So, your credit score can limit your choices as you map out your new life with your family in this country. You may still be able to rent an apartment or enroll your child in daycare, but you may miss out on your first choices.

In short, in the US, a good credit score is the key to smooth business deals, huge savings over time, and most important of all, improved quality of life for yourself and your family. Good credit empowers you to easily rent the apartment, buy the car, and open the mobile phone account that you and your family choose, without compromise. Many of these things are basic steps to settling into life comfortably in the US, but the ripple effects can go far beyond comfort or convenience. For example, in the US, your place of residence determines your family’s school district, and there can be big differences across school districts when it comes to quality of education. Qualifying to rent your first choice in a home, therefore, is not something to take lightly.

How to build a great credit score as quickly as possible

CreditStacks looks at new-to-credit applicants and sees not just a credit score, but potential.

So, if you and your family are new to the US, you want to build a great credit score as quickly as possible. The fastest, most efficient path to great credit when you’re starting from zero? Apply for a credit card of your own and then manage it impeccably.

One final tip: Do not be deterred if some credit card companies refuse to give you a credit card because you have no US credit history. Check out an expat-friendly company like CreditStacks and the CreditStacks Mastercard® issued by WebBank. Unlike some U.S. credit card companies that refuse to issue a card to expats, CreditStacks looks at new-to-credit applicants and sees not just a credit score, but potential. Other factors, such as current employment, are taken into account.

Anyone relocating to the U.S. has a lot on their plate. Don’t let this be an excuse to delay dealing with your credit. Start building good credit immediately, with every transaction. Manage your credit well so that your credit continues to improve over time, building a stronger financial future as you and your family navigate your new life in the U.S.

Learn more about us and apply for CreditStacks at creditstacks.com/signup/?promo=Homeis

Review the CreditStacks cardholder agreement and fee schedule.



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