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Find guides for Indians in Bay Area- all about health care, green cards, American weddings and many more!

New York City houses one of the highest populations of Indians in the United States, with at least 711,174 Indian residents as of 2017. Moving to the Big Apple might seem daunting, but in NYC alone, t
Looking for a new job but having no luck getting hired surely can be depressing and enough to put anyone demoralizing. On the top of it if you are an international student and looking for break throug
A job application that you fill out, is actually more like a business card that you give out to people and a lot of perception is made based on it. Therefore, it is very important to understand how th
When seeking work in the United States it's important to be aware of scams that help obtaining a visa. It's important to know that there is never a fee to apply for a U.S. work visa or to obtain U.S.
Alright, before we delve into the details of this guide, let us say this upfront that finding a job in US is relatively difficult for a foreign born. You need to find a company that is willing to spon
Once in every 4 years in November, United States votes to select their next President. But that’s not just it. The U.S Elections is a long and tiring process but is also the most followed political co
Most cell phone companies want to avoid customers skipping out on their bills, so many carriers will check your credit to evaluate how you manage your finances and your ability to pay your bill each m
Connection and communications have become the guiding force for this generation. But to stay connected anywhere, you need good Internet. So, if you’ve recently landed here in the United States or are
Whenever you plan to move out from your country and pursue a higher degree in a foreign land it’s mandatory to obtain a visa. If you wish to enter the United States, your 1st step should be applying f

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Find guides for Indians in Bay Area- all about health care, green cards, American weddings and many more!