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Special Deals

Think of an offer or deal that will appeal to your community. Be creative! Or if you have one already, use this channel to tell everyone about it.

Here, business owners can share your best deals to your community and reach shoppers who are looking for you.

To create a Special Deal Post, simply click Post in this Channel and promote your business, products or service to all the homeis shoppers in the community.

To share you promotion with the community, click HERE!

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Radha  Naga
Varsha Ahir

Small business owners? homeis is your chance to spread your word out, within your community. We all want to help each other grow, and the small businesses of our homeis community are an integral part of what we are.

Want to promote your business within the community? A Business Page is the best way for you to connect.

Make sure you post valuable content, not spamming, but sharing a great product or service and connecting with your homeis.

You can open your own homeis business page by following these few easy steps:

Go to your personal Profile. Under your Profile picture and info, click on +Create a business page.

  • Enter the name of your Business and click Create
  • Upload your business photo/logo
  • Select the category of your business and click Save
  • Once you're done, click Create and Congratulations! Your business Page has been created
  • Add location, opening hours, contact information and any other information you would like to share

Create Business Page HERE!

Good luck!

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Jay Brar
Asaf Porat
Meera  Iyer