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Suzanne Hohmann Ewy

Suzanne Hohmann Ewy

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Support, Advocacy, and Planning for Your Family
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I was born in a cabin in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I am a fifth-generation Coloradoan, coming from a background in community, family, environmentalism, business and academia. I have studied and worked from Colorado to Vermont, Paris to Alaska, earning my law degree from Seattle Law School and Masters in Science and Law from Vermont Law School. I have spent most of my life in Colorado and Alaska, practicing law, engaging community, helping people build better lives. My fundamental philosophy is that life can get better, sometimes it takes deep work, but the journey will be better made when taken with innovative perspective, strength, integrity and diligence. To that end, I work closely with clients to understand the context of their lives in order to help them arrive at their destination with as much resilience as possible. Divorce and custody are difficult journeys and the participants can easily get mired in a dark place without competent and steady guidance to keep them focused on the goal. And that goal is a better life, a different life from what they have lived, but a better one. When you approach difficulties with a firm understanding of your goals, you can get through the hard times by knowing where you want to be and knowing that you are on your way. I will act as the steady hand that will help get you there. I have many years of experience in family law and have represented a diverse group of clients in Colorado and Alaska, including many acrimonious cases that I was able to help bring to a livable result. I have also been instrumental in guiding potentially divisive cases towards collaborative outcomes that reduced the long lasting damage of a difficult trial, although I do have extensive trial experience. I am dedicated to helping build a healthy, equitable, diverse and happy future for all of us. Wilderness and community engagement feed my soul.