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Suzan deSeguin-Hons

Suzan deSeguin-Hons

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Immigration Law Firm in Lakewood, Colorado with twenty years experience in immigration and citizenship cases.
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Colorado immigration attorney, SUZAN DESEGUIN-HONS,  is passionate about providing immigrants exceptional legal representation. As an experienced Denver immigration lawyer, her philosophy is to educate and empower immigrants, while providing them support and strong legal advocacy for their immigration,  asylum, citizenship or deportation case. In political asylum cases, Ms deSeguin has successfully represented asylum seekers from over 25 different countries including regions of Africa (Saharan and sub-Saharan), Asia, the Middle East and Eurasia.  She also represents immigrants in deportation defense, family-based immigration, naturalization, VAWA, consular processing and hardship waivers, where she applies the same zeal and knowledge of immigration law.  She represents individuals before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), the Asylum Office, in deportation or removal cases before the Denver Immigration Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and US Federal courts. She cares about the immigrants who come to her for legal assistance and provides attention to detail and exhaustive case preparation to insure the best possible results for her immigration clients. After earning a BS at Stanford University and an MS at Cornell University in chemical engineering,  she lived in Zurich, Switzerland with an employment visa.  There she worked at the the ETH (Swiss Institute of Technology). Next, she lived in Paris, France first on a student visa and then with the French equivalent of lawful permanent resident status.  In Paris, she worked in the international taxation section of Peat Marwick Int'l (KPMG).  Finally, before returning to the US, Ms deSeguin lived in Adelaide, Australia where, she completed the law degree that she had begun at Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley.