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Roger John Lucas

Roger John Lucas

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Born, raised, and educated in New York, I actually started my professional career after Columbia in biomedical research.  But life has its twists and turns and I ended up pursuing a legal career, which I find suits me better.   During my first seven years as an attorney, I have had the opportunity to go up against some extremely talented, well respected attorneys in the Colorado legal community which exposed me to a higher caliber of practice.  One of the most significant cases in my career was an employment discrimination case against the University of Colorado, defended by Patrick O'Rourke (who also handled the Ward Churchill defense and was on the short list for the CO Supreme Court).  Although I had counsel represent me at the trial and initial appeal, I played a signficant role in the analysis and strategizing for the case.  That case also gave me the opportunity to author and submit a Petition for Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court (USSC case # 08-1355). This experience was instrumental in my development as an attorney, both in how I understand our legal system, as well as for the drive in me to litigate and fight against injustices.   I have also gone up against the top level prosecutors in my jurisdiction, with my most significant trials being a First Degree Murder case involving a dying declaration, a  Mutliple Aggravated Robbery of a Controlled Subtance defendant, a Sexual Asault on a Child in a Pattern of Abuse situation,and multiple other Crimes of Violence cases and have achieved favorable verdicts in many of them.   Having handled as many cases and trials as I have while I was a government lawyer, I am confident enough to handle any case that ends up before a judge or jury.   I am passionate about what I do, and have the intelligence and experience to be quite effective.   While not performing legal work, I like working on my house, yard, and vehicles.  I love dogs, especially Australian Shepherds and like to go hiking and biking.  I've been frequenting Garden of the Gods a bunch as it is a place fit for the Gods.