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R Clifford Potter

R Clifford Potter

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Potter Group lawyers and its related consultants provide global intellectual property, litigation, e-commerce, forensics, corporate, information technology, privacy, licensing, and valuation advice.
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Cliff has represented companies in both civil and criminal cases and in many corporate transactions.  He has spoken and delivered papers on dispute resolution in Paris (product liability), London (arbitration), Cambridge (arbitration), Tokyo (intellectual property dispute management), Berlin (computerized systems for lawyers), Hong Kong (mock trial), and Montreux (agency trials).  Copies of all of Cliff's speeches and publications including those listed on this website are available upon request.     Cliff has a broad background in intellectual property and information technology.  An American Bar Association Fellow, Cliff is listed in the peer-reviewed Best of the Best – 2000-02, 2002-2004, 2004-2006 – IT Advisors (one of about twenty-five worldwide), the Guide to the World’s Leading Information Technology Advisors, and various other peer-reviewed and honorary publications.    Cliff has also been active in several professional organizations.  He was chair of the Japan Committee and the Pacific Rim Committees of the US/Canada Licensing Executives Society, Co-Chair of the Computer and Technology Committee of the International Bar Association, and chair or co-chair of other committees for these and other associations.  He is also past Executive Vice President of the French-American Chamber of Commerce’s Chicago Chapter, and past Executive Vice President of the Italy-Midwest Exchange.     A graduate of the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), Cliff is an honors graduate of Indiana University (Bloomington) School of Law where he was Executive Editor of the IU Law Journal.  He speaks French and some German.  While serving in the US Army as a Military Policeman and Correctional Specialist, Cliff was awarded the American Spirit Honor Medal, and the Army Commendation Medal.     The following recommendations are published at www.linkedin.com.   “Cliff has one of the broadest and most comprehensive views of business strategy and operations that I have encountered. He provides a unique combination of legal rigor, strategic insight and innovative approach that can bring value to any business. He is also a pleasure to work with.” John Parkinson, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer TransUnion LLC; Owner, ParkWood Advisors LLC   “Cliff is a personable highly skilled and resourceful professional. He is a great problem solver and understands that there may be many answers to a problem. Cliff also was able to work within budgetary constraints.” Karen Hagewood, Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, SquareTrade, Inc.   “Cliff is both knowledgeable and creative as a lawyer and as a business leader. Cliff has a deep understanding of information technology and extensive experience with related legal, investment, and operational issues. He is also a person of high integrity.”  W. Scott Blackmer, Attorney, Technology Law & Consulting   “Cliff is a very bright, energetic and insightful litigator who has actually leapt the bounds of that practice area and also serves as a trusted and strategic business advisor to his clients. He sees the big picture as well as anyone I've known, which has helped him solve a myriad of difficult problems facing his clients. Needless to say, I recommend him highly.” Mark Brand, Partner, Reed Smith   “I first met Cliff back in the late 90s. He was acting as outside counsel on a software deal I was handling on the business side for InstallShield (before I became an attorney myself), and in particular providing us with some IP and antitrust advice. Cliff is extremely professional and confidence inspiring, with deep subject knowledge, and yet also very personable and a great guy. We remain in touch and I would definitely work with him again if the opportunity arose.”  James Wright, Senior Corporate Counsel at Oracle   “Cliff provided excellent strategic advice and guidance to me as a client on patent and intellectual property matters. I have also worked with Cliff as various legal matters and he is bright, creative and a professional you want to have on your team.”  Donald Jernberg