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Patrick Michael McGraw

Patrick Michael McGraw

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McGraw Law P.C. in Roanoke, VA offers family law attorney services for cases such as divorce and child abuse. Call today at (540) 904-5704.

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At McGraw Law, P.C. we compassionately help real families solve very real problems. We understand that to most people family is the single most important thing, and the most important relationships in their lives. We also understand, and take the approach to our practice, that despite the parties' inability to get along, and the reality that in some instances members of the family will be ultimately better served in no longer remaining together under the same roof, the family nevertheless does not have to be destroyed.   We always remember that regardless of how many clients we represent, the individual client's family is the only one they have. Therefore, their case is always the most important, and we try hard to never lose sight of this reality. In all domestic and family law cases we protect and uphold our client's rights to the maximum extent allowable under the law, in order to obtain for them every single benefit and privilege to which they are entitled. At the same time we work hard to foster and encourage a loving, healthy and nurturing family relationship as much as possible for all involved.   My mission is to provide effective legal representation to all clients at all times; to obtain for them all rights and privileges to which they are entitled under the law to the maximum extent possible; to always maintain open and clear communication with the client on all issues pertaining to their case; and to always provide prompt, competent, and compassionate legal services.   We offer a 30 minute, initial, free, no-obligation consultation.  Our standard hourly fee (for attorney time only; no support staff services are billed at all to the client in our firm), for cases in which we charge an hourly fee, is $250 per hour.  However, many cases lend themselves to a flat fee, or other alternative fee arrangement.  The actual fee to be charged of course will depend upon the specific facts and circumstances of each individual case, and therefore will need to be discussed personally and individually with each client.