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Michael Leslie Maguire

Michael Leslie Maguire

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Questions about Divorce or Family Law in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills or Hollywood? Rely on the experienced guidance of Michael L. Maguire. Call 310-953-4036

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(2 critiques)
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My diverse business and professional background and personal experiences give me an ability to comperhend your problems and to solve them quickly and cost effectively.  I spent years working as a broker on Wall Street where I was responsible for numerous multi-million dollar transactions every day.  That skillset helps me understand numbers and balance sheets better than most attorneys and. often, better than opposing accountants thus giving my clients the edge in negotiations or at trial.   I also went through a very unpleasant divorce myself many years ago and that experience colors the way I practice law today in that I treat my clients and their case with the utmost respect that I believe they deserve.  That means that I fully explain and get the client's approival before taking any major legal action(s) and I try to focus on resolving the case issues to my client's maximum benefit but at a minimum cost.    I was also very fortunate in my past to have had a wonderful career as a Tony Award winning performer that has a very positive influence on my law practice by giving me an ease with practically everyone I meet, especially Judges, and I strive to maintain a level of personal integrity that is second to none so that, when I speak on my client's behalf, the Court and the opposition hear and clearly understand my client's perspective on the issues.