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Lorraine Glynis Woodwark

Lorraine Glynis Woodwark

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My name is Lorraine Woodwark . I am a licensed Attorney, certified Mediator, and Arbitrator (private judge) in the state of California.  With over 18 years of legal, arbitration and mediation experience, I handle a variety of issues, including business, construction disputes, land use, employment, business, federal, constitutional law, personal injury, real estate, etc. My legal practice is located in Santa Barbara, California (between San Francisco and Los Angeles), while my mediation services are available anywhere needed. I can also arbitrate as a private judge between parties. Parties often prefer private judges as less expensive and time consuming. The date, time and location is also flexible to meet the needs of the parties and their attorneys. The rules are also less formal but still structured to ensure fairness.  I am originally from Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada but currently live in Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.