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Lois Margaret Brenner

Lois Margaret Brenner

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Need help with divorce or a related matter? Speak to Lois Brenner, an experienced New York divorce lawyer you can trust. 35+ years of experience.
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Lois Brenner is a Divorce Attorney for over 35 years, an accredited mediator, and a licensed psychologically trained medical professional. From Ms. Brenner's years as a corporate attorney with Sullivan and Cromwell she is experienced in discreetly handling the assets and business interests of high net worth divorce clients. To add to her already impressive credentials, Lois Brenner is a licensed and registered Physician Assistant with psychological training.  This rare combination of legal and medical skills gives her the tools to guide couples towards the right divorce process.  Based on the psychological dynamics of their marriage Lois Brenner helps couples navigate whether Litigation, Mediation or Negotiation is right for them. Lois Brenner is a Speaker, Expert Guest and Author of "Getting Your Share," a book on divorce published by Crown. (available on Amazon.com) She has written for and has been quoted by The New York Times and New York Magazine.  Lois Brenner has been interviewed on national television programs such as Oprah, Good Morning America and CNN as a family law expert.  Ms Brenner is in private practice with offices in New York and Connecticut.