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Lilian Bier

Lilian Bier

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Our goal at Bier Family Law is to obtain critical spousal support, parenting time and custody awards in a fair and equitable manner
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I have been practicing family law almost exclusively since 1990, and in 2007, I opened Bier Family Law. We are comfortably situated in Beaverton with ample parking and a calming view of Koll Center Wetlands, where we see clients in a variety of difficult circumstances and treat each person with the utmost of care and respect. I love my job. Family law allows me to exercise diametrically opposed skills: I hand-hold and counsel people through perhaps the roughest emotional time of their lives while actively safe-guarding their current and future interests.  As a client advocate I also play the role of negotiator both in and out of court.  Whether protecting my clients' custody rights or parenting time, or advocating for a fair agreement in issues of support or regarding the division of assets, I do everything within my power to do what’s right by my clients.  I welcome all inquiries for an initial consultation, which allows prospective clients to decide whether the match is a good one before retaining me.  During the consult, I hear details of the case, and provide a legal overview as well as a projected estimate of the cost. There are often both tears and laughter at this meeting. Getting started is the hardest part, but picking up a phone is relatively easy. If you need sensitive and effective legal advice or help in a family matter, call 503.595.4141 and make an appointment to see me.