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Kathryn Elizabeth Roberts

Kathryn Elizabeth Roberts

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Consult with the Attorney Kathryn Roberts the most skilled and successful criminal defense lawyer in Allentown . For more info call us at 484-695-7023.

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(2 critiques)
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Just Google my name (Attorney Kate Roberts or Attorney Kathryn Roberts).  You'll find lots of newspaper articles from the Morning Call, Express Times and others about cases of mine in the news and all the cases I've won over the years.  I've had 92 jury trials in the last 18 years.  That's a HUGE amount--some criminal attorneys have NEVER had a trial--and that is the only measurement that matters.  Sometimes it's hard for people to figure out if the attorney they're thinking to hire is any good. The measure for a criminal defense attorney is simple--trial experience.  I keep a list on my wall of all the cases I've won over the years.  Keep in mind that "winning" can sometimes mean the person never got charged at all, or won a compromise that was more than the person dreamed of getting, along with, of course, a "not guilty" verdict after a trial.  When you are interviewing attorneys, ask the person how many times he or she has had a trial and if they keep a list.  If they hesitate to answer you, move on!  Would you want a doctor to evaluate you for surgery if he'd never DONE the surgery????  Even if you don't want to go to trial yourself and you're looking for a quiet way to work out your case, the other side knows the reputation of attorneys who win and challenge cases versus attorneys who don't.  I spend most of my time in the courts of Lehigh County, along with Northampton County and a few surrounding counties.  I also spend a great deal of time in federal criminal court, mostly in Philadelphia.  I have only ever practiced criminal defense--I never wanted to be a prosecutor, a judge, or do other legal work.  Criminal defense is always interesting and we need strong attorneys to push back police and prosecutors who assume they know everything.