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Joshua Tobias Hershon

Joshua Tobias Hershon

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Hershon Law - Family Law Representation
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Hello, I fight for all of my clients as if they were family, and I am proud to say that other lawyers from all over San Diego County have hired me for themselves and for their family members.     One of the things that I believe sets our firm apart is that we go through a cost/benefit analysis of each case, and even major case turning point decisions - with the client, and involve the client in that key strategic bird's-eye analysis.  We feel some attorneys can lose that "big picture" perspective, and while they pursue a set of theoretical ethical standards, their clients are ultimately harmed by their cognitive inflexibility.   Another aspect of our firm that we strive to keep is our small firm/fast paced culture.  Our team is close-knit - a family if you will.  We know each other's families and we push one another to achieve top honors in every aspect of our lives.  Inside the firm we put 100% into staying current with legal issues, determining our clients' objectives and achieveing them, and developing a personal connection with our clients as we are trusted with their children, their savings, sometimes even their freedom.  Outside the firm we pursue martial arts, surfing, and hot yoga among other activities.  Our lives are balanced and our work product is premium.   While I could wax proflific about our firm's character for pages, I will spare you the diatribe and invite you to...come check us out!  We look forward to meeting you.   Best, Joshua Hershon