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John T. Moran Jr.

John T. Moran Jr.

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I worked in law school for a US Congressman and gained both friends and insight into Washington politics.  I was an investigator for the National Comm'n on the Causes and Prevention of Violence studying the causes and consequences of the events of the Democratic National Convention in 1968.  For approximately 6 months in 1975 I was Acting Director of the Defender Division of the National Legal Aid & Defender Ass'n.  I have always strived to see fairness and simple justice in our legal system and it is a constant battle.  Much of my practice is currently labor and employment law and in January of 2008, I was granted the right and privilege to be counsel to L. 743, Teamsters.  I have left that position but enjoyed it greatly.  I have worked with members of the IFOP to establish basic rights for members which presently exist only for those covered by federal laws such as First Amendment speech rights and the right to be free from retaliation. I have an important case pending in the 7th Circuit on this very issue.