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John Stocks

John Stocks

4.5(2 critiques)
Aggressive lawyers who deliver results. VSF attorneys practice in a variety of fields including personal injury, family law, and sexual abuse to name a few.
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(2 critiques)
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I have obtained several rewarding and high settlements for clients in divorces, personal injury, civil rights and police misconduct cases. I obtained the highest jury verdict in Spokane County ($3 million) against a Sheriff's office for misconduct against my clients. I am a well-rounded trial attorney who has litigated a wide range of cases, including taking cases through mediation, arbitration, and if needed, trial and appeals courts. I have done both bench and jury trials.---I became a lawyer after the Major League Baseball peoples did not draft me in the first few rounds when I was 18.  I pitched several "1 hitters" (yes, 1 hitters, not "no hitters") in high school and for American Legion at ages 16-18.  I also loved playing basketball and football, but when old age set in (age 24+), I began playing softball and have really enjoyed that over the years, until really old age set in (age 40+), and now I don't play as much.  Trying to pick up golf cuz I see a lot of older people out there swinging the clubs.  I like martial arts, sports on t.v., good movies, good food, and being happy.  I have never traveled around the world, but have been to China twice (wow, it is really cool).  Anyway, I still spend the 60-80 work weeks because I am obsessed with deadlines, client problems and being the best lawyer I possibly can.