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Jeffrey Lee Murrell

Jeffrey Lee Murrell

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I've been practicing law since 1995, and I love what I do. I love my work because I thrive off of helping others. Though the money is certainly nice and provides a very comfortable lifestyle, I did not become an attorney to get rich - I became one so that I would have an interesting livelihood with which I could validate my own existence in the universe by doing meaningful things for folks in need of help while fully utilizing all of my language and "people" skills. Unlike a lot of other attorneys, I take the time to provide my clients such quality services as making house calls (not just for the sick or elderly), and I personally return each and every client's telephone call and e-mail reasonably promptly, if not immediately. With the exception of bankruptcy-client cases, no one ever touches my files but me. I do have people helping me out at any given time with the administration of my law practice, but only my hands touch my non-bankruptcy files. I am the only one who drafts my criminal-defense and family-law clients' paperwork, not some paralegal. When a client retains me to handle his or her case in court, I am the one who goes to court for that client, not an associate attorney working for me. And I am the one who is in charge of taking and answering my telephone messages on my direct line. I do everything myself for my clients because modern technology allows me to, and because past experiences have taught me that letting somebody else do work on my cases can lead to sloppy carelessness below the high standards that I adopted from half a decade of military service during the cold war. I realize that what I do for people is very serious business; I take each and every client's case equally as seriously, no matter how much or how little is at stake for each one because everybody's case is important. Another reason that I can do everything for my clients myself and take such good care of them personally is because I am very selective with the number of legal matters that I take on at any given time, unlike other lawyers I know who pile so many cases onto their desks that they end up spreading themselves far too thinly to give their clients the close attention, care and results that I give mine! Click https://www.wisconsininternetlawyer.net/milwaukee-jeff-murrell-press.html to read a few newspaper articles about some of my legal victories. Also, click https://www.wisconsininternetlawyer.net/POEM.html to read a poem that one of my actual clients has published on poetry.com about the quality of the service and care I provide.