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Jeffrey L. Harris

Jeffrey L. Harris

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Jeffrey Harris is a top Family Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA dedicated to helping families through the difficult legal process. Call for a free consultation 310-745-8644.

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(2 critiques)
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Thank you for taking the time to visit Harris Family Law Group, your last stop for FLAT FEE ATTORNEY SERVICES. You need an excellent attorney ready to fight for your rights and help you get what you need. At Harris Family Law Group our clients are our #1 priority, not how much we can bill you. Just look at the reviews posted by our clients!   Since before law school and even after, working for the federal government, foreign governments, and law firms, I was appalled by the amount of billable hours that were being charged to clients for work never performed. When billing attorney is eating dinner and thinking about your case, they are billing you, often at $400 per hour. When they are talking to another attorney in the firm or a Partner, they are BOTH billing you, with the partner billign for over $600 per hour. And what happens when you cannot pay the bill. The law firm refuses to continue on your case and gets removed by the Court.   To me, this is outrageous. As Managing Partner of Harris Family Law Group, I created this firm to end the endless billables in litigation and mediation. Our firm focuses on the client's needs and desires, not on the number of hours we work on your case. Thus we have created a program called FLAT FEE ATTORNEY SERVICES which allows us to charge ONE FLAT FEE and NOTHING MORE!!! No more billable hours. No more monthly bills in the mail or email asking for MORE money.    YOU PAY ONE FEE AND THAT IS ALL.   If we are on the phone negotiating your case, we are NOT billing you. If we are in Court, fighting for your rights, we are NOT billing you. If we are reviewing a settlement offer, we are NOT billing you.   Lastly, we provide what most law firms will not: FREE CONSULTATIONS!!! If at the end of the consultation, you do not want to hire us, not a problem. We will even validate your parking!    So if you have a divorce, legal separation, custody battle, support issue, in need of a restraining order. or want a prenuptial agreement? GIVE US CALL AT HARRIS FAMILY LAW GROUP, YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR FLAT FEE ATTORNEY SERVICES WHO CARE ABOUT YOU!!