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Gregory Scott Hoover

Gregory Scott Hoover

4.5(2 critiques)
Hoover Law Group is a top law firm in Vancouver Wa and Seattle. The firm has a team of experienced and skilled Family Law Attorney in Seattle Wa, Vancouver Wa &Portland Oregon.
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(2 critiques)
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Mr. Hoover, through his firm Hoover Law Group P.L.L.C., is successfully representing people in the Pacific Northwest and in NYC in civil and criminal and family law  litigation matters and other business transactions. Mr. Hoover is also asked to speak at seminars from time to time on his experiences in the practice of law and on the areas in which he practices. You may review any of his information on his website at www.gshlaw.net. --- Hello!  Well, I will try to be modest.  I am not one of those stuffy I walk on water type of lawyers.  I am a person who tries his best to relate to his clients as any  person should.  The practice of law is about helping people who feel they cannot help themselves.  Sure, you have to be paid somehow, after all, life has its expenses.  However, I will always listen to a client about fees, I am always willing to negotiate, and the most important thing for me is to receive your referrals.  By my ability to handle people and listen to your situation and try to find the most economical solution possible, I would hope you would send me any and all of your referrals.  You may see my website anytime at www.gshlaw.net.  Please, if you are a client or ex-client, give me a positive rating.  I hope to talk to you soon.   - Hoover