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Eric David Yankwitt

Eric David Yankwitt

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Professionally I am a self-employed accountant, attorney, and mediator with over 45 years of  combined experience. I am a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany, and Albany Law School.  I moved to South Florida in 1995.  I am most proud of my family, Verenice my wife,  and my two children David and Lindsey. Verenice earned her law degree in Peru and is my spiritual partner. David is an Afghanistan war veteran, has earned his master’s degree, and is currently teaching social studies. Lindsey speaks several languages and is currently attending law school. I am a  successful and proactive business professional with highly effective communications and people skills.  I have a  proven ability to produce and contribute to the success of an organization, minimizing expenses and risk exposure, while maximizing profits and quality control affording me the time and energy to give back to the community. Here are some of my qualifications: Admitted in both Southern & Middle district Federal Court and Tax Court. Member of the Bars of the State of Florida, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Former President of Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce and Sister Cities. Treasurer of Lauderdale by the Sea Chamber of Commerce. Treasurer of Broward Coalition of Homeowners and condo Associations. Board member of LBTS Planning and Zoning board. I  developed a 501(c) (3) not for profit organization, in 2007 to answer the common question regarding South Florida. Why is Florida usually ranked in the top five of all the negative social challenges in our country? From divorce to Aids, perhaps the common denominator is the one thing that we all do not like about our area. The fact that we are accustomed to the lack of cohesiveness in our neighborhoods. While this may not be the only reason why we are in the negative top five, but it is perhaps the most cost effective; with the biggest bang for the buck to fix. It is a lot harder to hurt someone that you know and have to look in the eye than a total stranger. Once you meet your neighbor, and give time to develop friendships, then a network of support begins and the cohesive community is grown, and we all the better for it. The organization offers a three pronged approach to answering this question. First, we provide the tools necessary to develop or to improve employable job skills. By increasing those in need to increase their self-sufficiency they become more prosperous, achieve good paying jobs, and be more likely to stay in their neighborhood long-term. The transient nature of Florida is a true challenge to overcome in resolving our social issues. Secondly, we organize and manage many unique community events as a means to bring people together in their own local neighborhood. Too many community events are just that an event to display services, but nothing about developing relationships. For example, we feed thousands of people during our Thanksgiving Holiday Orphan Meal (THOM). Served in multiple locations throughout South Florida simultaneously as a sit down meal. THOM is not a feeding event alone. It is a true exercise in building friendships and in developing our surrounding communities. Admitted in both Southern & Middle district Federal Court, Tax Court. member of the Bars of the State of Florida, Palm Beach., Miami-Dade., and Broward. I am the former President of Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce, Sister Cities, Treasurer of Lauderdale by the Sea Chamber of Commerce,, and Broward Coalition of Homeowners and condo Associations, Board member of LBTS Planning and Zoning board. Finally, we work with other not for profits and civic organizations in supporting their missions and efforts in assisting our community. By building partnerships we do not need to reinvent the wheel, working smarter rather than harder, increases efficiency and effectiveness. We are always in need for volunteers and seeking community partnerships. Thank you for your support.Eric Yankwitt