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Emily G. Johnston

Emily G. Johnston

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EGJ Family Law provides experienced family law and divorce representation for clients in Mount Pleasant and the surrounding areas. Call 843-352-4530.

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Emily G. Johnston practices family law in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and the surrounding Charleston low country area with a unique skill set to offer her clients. She is highly regarded as a family law attorney having earned both her MBA and JD from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1984. She uses her MBA to assist with issues related to complex and substantial assets, business valuation, and any financial matters related to divorce. Ms. Johnston has significant trial experience and is accustomed to complex business issues, including valuation of business assets determining true income, and protecting financial needs for her clients' future as they move through divorce.EGJ Family Law practice has evolved to focus on all aspects of the law in order to help families plan for and recover from a marriage that has come to an end. She advocates for cooperative resolutions: however she is trial savvy should your case require it. With over 30 years of experience helping families in South Carolina. Emily uses her expertise of a Certified Family Court Mediator, divorced working mother of 3, and experienced litigator.Emily's Mount Pleasant law firm offers clients a warm welcome, strong family focus, and a commitment to resolve complicated or contested issues. With a non-judgemental approach and years of wisdom, Emily and her team are more than prepared to help you transition into your new life.