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Elizabeth J Inayoshi

Elizabeth J Inayoshi

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I have had a long and varied career.   I had an early interest in all things international, and went to college with a vague desire to have an "international" career.  That interest solidified when I went to graduate school, where I had the opportunity to spend a year in business school in Belgium.  When I graduated from business school, I was able to capitalize on that education and those dreams, winning a position at Intel Corporation that fulfilled all my dreams. I also discovered a talent and joy for developing both people and new business ideas.   Throughout my career at Intel, I managed programs and departments with deep international involvement -- including programs to develop business systems in Europe and Japan, modernize our manufacturing planning in Puerto Rico and Ireland,  develop our server business with resellers around the world, move open source applications into Intel products, and create a business model for small, durable computers for school children in areas of the world with limited resources.    I could never have been successful in all of that without my employees, however.  As a manager, I thrilled to see my employees excel, and worked closely with them to assure that they achieved their goals just as a I had achieved mine -- and saw many of them become award-winners and move into management along side me.    But I also saw many employees suffer wrongs -- managers who discriminated against them; co-workers who harassed them; employers who misclassified employees as individual contractors or otherwise skirted the law.  When I chose to move from business into law, my goal remained to assist individuals in their working lives, whether that involves helping them right a wrong done to them by an employer, or helping them to move -- as I have -- into a new act, finding success on their own as their own bosses with their own businesses and employees.