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Dr. Orit Beitner, MD

Dr. Orit Beitner, MD

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Affordable fees for healthcare and immediate appointments with a gynecologist / sex therapist. Birth control, STD treatment, weight loss program. 212-877-3120.

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Throughout our life, we seek to remain in balance. For women, gynecological well-being is an important part of our general sense of wellness and balance. We try to find balance in every aspect of our life; our work must be balanced by the time we spend with our family. Exercise and exertion must be balanced by wholesome nutrition. We aim to remain emotionally centered to balance our daily stress. Physically, we must function optimally in order to maintain the balance in the mind-spirit-body connection. At all times, the goal is to stay as close as we can to our body’s ideal function, so that our mind is free to greet all other challenges with ease. With a goal of maintaining your body in balance, Dr. Beitner lends an attentive ear and focused attention to you. She devotes ample time to a gentle and comprehensive physical exam. She will then form an accurate diagnosis, review options and provide on-target treatment. At follow up, you will review all test results together with the doctor, and discuss detailed explanation of your condition. After your visit, you will feel reassured, educated and empowered in understanding your health. In an integrative approach respectful of the body as the tool of our craft, Dr. Beitner will strive to treat more than just an illness. Along with gynecological care, she provides proactive preventive care for each patient as a whole person. Put your care in Dr. Beitner’s hands because your life is in the balance. For the sake of being thorough and attentive, Dr. Beitner will spend as much as an hour with you. The doctor will go beyond the routine of a quick hello. She will personally take your medical history and Physical exam. To provide this kind of care, we cannot participate in insurance programs. Fee for visit is $350