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Dr. Neil Verma, MD

Dr. Neil Verma, MD

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Trusted Pain Physicians and Sports Medicine Clinic in North Dallas, Tx. Cutting Edge and Comprehensive Treatments for Successful Pain Relief and Sports Injury Management
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Please Note: New Patient evaluations may be performed by a mid-level Doctor. Please arrive early or complete new patient paperwork on www.integrativepaininstitute.com Dr. Verma’s focus is to provide compassionate care to his patients, while uncovering hidden risk and identifying the root cause of pain. Dr. Verma has 10+ years experience practicing Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, Pain Management and Sports Medicine. Dr. Verma is a Professor of Medicine and responsible for developing treatment programs and medical protocols to eliminate pain and restore function. Dr. Verma is Harvard Medicine trained having attended the highly acclaimed "Sports Medicine 2019” CME. The program focus was to provide State-of-the-Art Approaches to Optimize the Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Prevention of Sports Injuries. As a Pain and Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr. Verma utilizes various imaging studies, astute physical examinations, and ultrasound guided procedures to accurately diagnose and treat pain and injuries. Dr. Verma also prescribes medication for treatment of pain to maximize function and restore health. Dr. Verma specializes in: Sports Medicine/Injury Back Pain Physical Therapy Orthopedic Consultations Knee Problems Shoulder Pain Neck Pain Arm Pain Hip Pain Leg Pain Tendonitis Muscle Pain Dr. Verma works hand in hand with other Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Chiropractors, Therapists, and Interns. Treatment is comprehensive with nearly all patients receiving physical therapy and injections along with medications.