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Dr. Edit Hegyi, MD, PhD

Dr. Edit Hegyi, MD, PhD

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Hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging medicine, functional medicine.
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** Our office is located to the right of Starbucks, up the stairs ** Silvergate Medical Corp is a Rancho Bernardo, CA-based medical facility that helps individuals of all ages cope with aging-related issues by diagnosing and treating specific health conditions accurately. As part of our patient-centered care, you will have access to a variety of services ranging from hormone balancing, interventional endocrinology, weight management, and degenerative joint disease treatment to GI distress profiles, metabolic assessment, breast cancer screening, and unexplained fatigue assessment. Apart from all the diagnostic tests, our facility also offers preventive care. We specialize in the areas of respiratory profiling and bioidentical hormone replacement therapies for both men and women. We also offer expert services in brain assessment (power, speed, rhythm, and symmetry of brain function) and cognitive support, believing in a full top down approach when it comes to identifying the origins other body ailments. All our services are provided under the supervision of Dr. Edit Hegyi who has decades of experience in this field. Other staff members at our office are also qualified, licensed, and experienced to handle patients with all types of conditions. *Due to the nature of our practice, we require a 24 hour notification if you are unable to keep your appointment.