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Dr. Carline Louis-Jacques, MD

Dr. Carline Louis-Jacques, MD

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Trusted OB-GYN serving Torrance, CA. Contact us at 310-728-2118 or visit us at 4305 Torrance Blvd, Suite 305, Torrance, CA 90503: Center for Healthier Living

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** You MUST fill out your INSURANCE MEMBER ID to ensure that we can determine your eligibility as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please fill out ALL of your information prior to booking the appointment **MEDI-CAL PATIENTS - Please be aware we are only IN NETWORK if you are pregnant Carline Louis-Jacques, M.D., has been providing high-quality, personalized medical care to women for almost two decades. She deeply understands the multifaceted nature of health care and has utilized her education and compassion to bridge traditional and nontraditional medicine for her patients. Dr. Louis-Jacques practices medicine with the understanding that in order for her to be an agent of change and to have any impact on her patients' health, she has to establish an interpersonal connection. She has built her practice, one woman at a time, relying on each patient’s satisfaction to promote her clinic. With over 6,000 patients, she never loses sight of her patients' reliance on her for excellence and quality services. As a working mom of three young boys and as a baby boomer, Dr. Louis-Jacques knows first hand how difficult it is to have a balanced life. Like most women, she is being pulled in many directions, making health and stress her concerns as well. Luckily, her interest in nutrition, as well as her love of exercise, have helped her obtain balance in her life. When not in the office, Dr. Louis-Jacques enjoys spending time with her three active boys, playing in the outdoors (camping is a favorite), reading, music, scrapbooking, power walking (she has walked four L.A. marathons and plans to do more), music and yoga. Since college, she has maintained an active list of 100 things she must accomplish during her lifetime.