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David M. Siegal

David M. Siegal

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Member American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. In addtion to trial level work I have handled many cases at the appellate level which are available by search engine. We try to relosve matters as effiicently as possible and minimize rancor. That said, we see our task in representiing a client's interests emplying as vigorous a representation using all available tools as is necessary for the circumstances. Helpful to me in  representing clients has been my having worked in a large family retail business, owned and operated a dry cleaning and laundromat chain and developed,owned and managed office and apartment buildings, strip malls, a subdivision and involvement as a creditor and representation of the developer in a complex foreclosure and potential redevelopement of  a resort on the West coast of Florida. I also hold an FAA pilot certificate multi engine instrument rating and have flown many missions for Angel Flight of America.