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David Lincoln Axelrod

David Lincoln Axelrod

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Attorney DAVID L. AXELROD’s Experience and Background    Occupations:   Attorney at Law  ☻ Musician & Songwriter   ☻ Teacher   Education and Qualifications:                 David L. Axelrod was born in Hollywood, California.  He commenced his lifelong love of music and painting as a youth – Writing songs, playing violin, mandolin, guitar, and harmonica, and working in oils, watercolors, enamels and polyester resins.  As a young adult, he pursued a career in the ceramic and metal arts, earning a livelihood as a working potter, kiln-master, welder, sculptor, and ceramics instructor in Santa Cruz County, San Francisco, and the Netherlands.                David L. Axelrod trained and served as a park ranger and sworn fire fighter from 1974 to 1985 for East Bay Regional Park District.                Later, David L. Axelrod continued in the visual arts, entering the landscaping profession, with an avid sideline in photography.  During the 1980's, he published a humorous newspaper column, a scientific paper, and other writings, as well as some photography.               David L. Axelrod studied and completed coursework in hydrology, sanitary engineering, surveying, oceanology, forestry, and ecology at the University of California, graduating with honors.  He completed graduate study in Natural Resources/ Forestry at Humboldt State University in 1981.               David L. Axelrod earned his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree at the University of California Boalt Hall School of Law in Berkeley, California, in 1988.  While study law at Boalt Hall, he was twice awarded the Robert P. Cowell Labor Law Fellowship, and served as a Delegate to the Graduate Assembly of the University of California at Berkeley, 1987-88.               Upon graduating from law school, David L. Axelrod passed the bar examination on his first attempt, then took employment with the State of California, working as an attorney for the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) Legal Division, based in Los Angeles, California, from 1988-90.  There, he successfully conducted jury trials in personal injury cases, and also managed personnel, property and environmental matters.  Starting in 1990, David L. Axelrod served as Deputy County Counsel for the County of Tuolumne, based in Sonora, California.  In this capacity, he conducted litigation and provided advice to County agencies and officials.  In so doing, he worked as primary deputy for matters of juvenile dependency and child protection, conservatorship, lease and contract review, personal injury claims, public records, health, welfare, recreation and education law.                  David L. Axelrod entered and founded the Sierra Law Office of David L. Axelrod, where he has practiced trial law in Sonora, California since June, 1990.  He has also taught undergraduates at Columbia College in the Natural Resources Department.                                                                                 David L. Axelrod