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David Lawrence Turner

David Lawrence Turner

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Schulten Ward & Turner, located in Atlanta, Georgia, celebrating 25 years of experience, and provides a wide range of legal services such as: Business Transactions, Car Dealership Law, Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Litigation, White-Collar & High Profile Criminal Law, Employment and Labor Law, …
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David L. Turner is a veteran litigator and legal advisor with 28 years of experience practicing law in Atlanta, Georgia.  David’s clientele includes individuals and business concerns in need of counsel to handle significant litigation, or those seeking advice in order to resolve pre-suit disputes that have arisen.  To prevent disputes from occurring, Mr. Turner advises clients on how to protect their legal interests and position themselves favorably during the course of negotiations and transactions.  David is recognized for prosecuting professional malpractice claims, including cases against corporate officials, physicians and attorneys.  In recent years, he has secured settlements totaling $7.8 million on behalf of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation from his prosecution of professional liability claims arising out of the failure of community banks in Georgia. An experienced and tenacious personal injury litigator, David has represented clients in a broad range of serious claims including medical malpractice, automobile collisions, premises liability and wrongful death.  With a strong background in insurance law, David has the necessary skills and credibility to evaluate injury claims and to apply pressure in order to maximize recoveries from insurance companies that may be reluctant or unwilling to pay.   David leads a firm practice group that caters to the legal needs of franchise motor vehicle dealers. This specialty area of practice extends beyond litigation to legal needs encountered by auto dealers on a recurring basis.  Should disputes arise with motor vehicle franchisors, David is knowledgeable about motor vehicle franchise law and how it can be applied to protect the interests of the franchise dealer community.