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David L. Hirsch

David L. Hirsch

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South Florida Family, Personal Injury and Condominium Dispute Attorneys
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I am the president of BRAWER, HIRSCH AND ASSOCIATES, P.A  a Fort Lauderdale, Florida based law firm which has been rated as a top 50 family Florida law firm by Superlawyers Magazine and SE Legal Guide. ( www.bhalaws.com)     We are licensed in FL, GA and AL with "of counsel" offices in NY. I am the author/instructor and copyright holder for NO HARM DIVORCE,  a course and manual designed to enable parents to end their marriages without destroying their children in the process.           My firm was founded in 2006 with my partner Marc H. Brawer( a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and a until retiement a board certifed family lawyer). Both of us are trained Family mediators, and I am a Circuit Court Arbitrator. I serve as a guardian ad litem and reciever in family law matters.            The focus of much of our family law practice has been assisting divorcing, time sharing and parenting litigants with issues involving their special needs children.                           I am a parent of many children, biological, new born adopted, step parent adopted and de facto children some with challenges and some gifted  which enables me to better understand the concerns and complexity of my clients' time sharing and parenting plan matters.              We also have a focus on personal injury matters ( www.bhapalaws.com)  and hold a designation for both family law and personal injury law ( Ga. Bar designation program).             I am a honorably discharged member of the USAR having served as a member of the Judge Advocate General Staff and as a medic assigned to a MASH Unit  during the years of the Viet Nam War. I have represented many fellow active and ex military personnel in divorce and personal injury matters.            I also hold a license as a Proctor in Admiralty.              I am married to Nancy Ackerman Hirsch who operates a divorce moving service and a senior consierge moving service. www,divorcemovers.net and www.transitioninglifestylesandchanges.com            I offer my clients free initial consultations. Call me today 954 522 1922 and a 24-7 Helpline. 954 494 6777.