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Christopher Ryan Clarke

Christopher Ryan Clarke

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The Law Offices of Christopher Ryan Clarke, P.C. is led by its managing attorney, Christopher Ryan Clarke.  Over the past decade plus, Mr. Clarke has amassed a considerable range of legal experience, having litigated extensively in the state and federal courts in New York. While completing his legal studies in Washington D.C., Mr. Clarke worked in the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section of the United States Department of Justice. During his time at DOJ, Mr. Clarke obtained valuable insight into how the government conducts long-term criminal investigations and prosecutions.  Based on that experience, Mr. Clarke was recruited to join the Office of the District Attorney in The Bronx upon his graduation from law school.  At the District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Clarke was asked to join the prestigious Rackets Bureau.  Thereafter, Mr. Clarke participated in several long-term investigations relating to a broad range of criminal enterprises, culminating in Mr. Clarke serving as a lead member of the team that prosecuted former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik.  During Mr. Clarke’s service as an Assistant District Attorney he also conducted several investigations and prosecutions relating to police misconduct and excessive force. As such, Mr. Clarke is exceptionally capable at advocating for his clients who have had their civil rights violated by police misconduct. Additionally, Mr. Clarke’s tenure at the District Attorney’s Office provided him with an opportunity to gather considerable trial experience.  Many attorneys shy away from taking a case to verdict. Mr. Clarke’s expertise was born out of the fires of trial. As Mr. Clarke expanded his legal practice into civil litigation, he maintained that tough nosed and result oriented philosophy that dominated his career as a prosecutor. Focusing primarily in the area of commercial litigation over the last ten years, Mr. Clarke has represented real estate developers, brokers, lenders, contractors and virtually every other player in the New York commercial real estate world.  During that time, Mr. Clarke has not only developed a pristine reputation for his work, but he has also enjoyed considerable success at both the trial and appellate level. Mr. Clarke is known as the kind of litigator that sets out from day one to get the very best result for his clients. He will not be satisfied with anything less. His track record proves it. Mr. Clarke’s prominence in the legal field has been recognized by industry insiders.  For each of the last seven years, Mr. Clarke has been named a Super Lawyer Rising Star in New York City, which is a prestigious award based on peer recommendation and stringent vetting processes. This distinction based upon ethics, experience and reputation is bestowed upon the top 2.5% of attorneys in the State. Clients and fellow attorneys alike know Mr. Clarke’s ambitious standards, impeccable ethics and the quality of his work. Mr. Clarke believes that each client that he services, each case that he handles deserves the utmost zeal. His tirelessness gets results.  Mr. Clarke is ready to fight for you.