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Christopher Cavallar Mason

Christopher Cavallar Mason

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Seattle Business and Employment Lawyers
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I have more than 30 years of experience advising, litigating and advocating on behalf of large, mid-range and small companies, including start-ups, as well as corporate executives and other individuals. I am committed to cost effective, results-driven advice and advocacy. I try and help my clients avoid and fix problems before they spin out of control and if they are in disputes, to manage those disputes to the best conclusion. In negotiation and litigation, my approach is to identify each client’s leverage and use it for maximum impact.     Practice Areas     ·       General Business Litigation and Advice   ·        Employment Litigation and Advice   ·        Injunctive Litigation including Non-Competition, Intellectual Property and Trade Secret Claims   ·        Business and Partnership Dissolutions   ·        Complex Tort Litigation     Personal       I grew up on the Connecticut coast in a small town called Madison. My mother gave me a lifelong love of mountains and skiing.  My father was a lawyer on Wall Street and I followed in his footsteps. In 1984, I moved to Seattle. Three National Parks within a day’s drive felt like paradise to me and still does.     I am lucky to be married to a great person and Ruth and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in 2017. We have two grown kids, a son and daughter.       I have a commitment to hunger relief. My involvement with Food Lifeline has informed me on the complexity of poverty and economic insecurity and showed me that people of all political philosophies can come together for common good.       I love to hike and ski, both in the resorts and ski mountaineering.  Most of all, I love what I do. Helping people and businesses by practicing law, most recently for 17 years with my business partner Jeff, continues to be the most rewarding and fulfilling thing I do. I’d be honored to help you too.