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Christophe Fiori

Christophe Fiori

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Tampa family and eviction attorney represents individuals and companies to resolve legal issues. Free consultation at 2 locations (888) 384-2872.

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Central Florida family lawyer and mediator Christophe Fiori, PLLC represents men and women in divorce or custody cases, and residential and commercial landlords in actions to recover their property..Helping other people overcome challenges in their lives has been a constant drive in Christophe Fiori’s life. Christophe’s unique perspective as an immigrant, small business owner, and attorney motivates him to focus on the many legal challenges that individuals face every day.Christophe has helped men and women in all aspects of a family law cases including divorce and paternity actions to establish parental rights under Florida law. Many of the cases Christophe has worked on have settled prior to trial, whether through the process of mediation, or other settlement negotiations. In some cases, a spouse may need alimony to become rehabilitated to the market place or to maintain a standard of living. Christophe has worked with individuals seeking alimony and with individuals being asked to pay alimony. Christophe prides strives to achieve the best possible results for the client fairly and professionally. Christophe grew up in Florida, but was born in France, and he speaks French fluently.  Christophe immigrated to the US as a teenager, after living for several years in France, and South Africa. Gaining legal residency in the US was a lifelong process that ultimately motivated him to attend Law School.Besides his interests in business and the law, Christophe has always been fascinated by aviation. Christophe took his first flying lesson at Peter 'O Knight Airport on Davis Island, Florida at age 13. Christophe is a licensed pilot and flight instructor. Learning to fly and instructing has taught Christophe how to manage a high stress situations while still focus on the task at hand.   Special Interests John Darling Lodge, F & AM Captain, Civil Air Patrol