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Brandi Lynn Gragg

Brandi Lynn Gragg

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Every family law case is unique. While many people think family lawyers deal only with divorce issues, this particular area of civil law affects each and every aspect of your life,.Regardless of whether you are establishing a parental relationship through a paternity case, ending a marriage seeking custodial and visitation rights to your child while also working out the financial details involved in untangling a relationship; attempting to modify a previous court order regarding custody, visitation or child support; or seeking to obtain a guardianship over a loved one -  you deserve a lawyer who is attentive to your particular circumstances and goals.While not a therapist, my job is one of an advocate, counselor and armor bearer, bearing the brunt off the details in your case to the extent I am able.   No matter what chapter of your life you find yourself in, my goal is to help you navigate the legal system, explain your rights and responsibilities under Oklahoma law and help you achieve your goals, all without bankrupting you in the process. By offering a full range of services from complete representation to unbundled legal services, assisting you in certain areas of your case such as drafting, representation at a particular hearing or providing counsel, I am able to help those who are traditionally unable to afford the high retainers and hourly rates of most legal professionals.   *Please be aware I cannot guarantee any particular outcome to your case regardless of the facts. The Honorable Judges of Oklahoma have that responsibility and I view it as a privilege to provide counsel, advise, advocate and assist you in obtaining your goals whatever they may be.