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Talk: Édouard Louis
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Talk: Édouard Louis

Co-presented by BAM and St. Ann’s Warehouse; In conjunction with The End of Eddy and History of Violence Moderated by Alexandra Schwartz Édouard Louis comes to BAM to discuss the internationally bestselling books at the heart of this fall’s two adaptations: The End of Eddy, presented this season as part of Next Wave 2019, and History of Violence, presented at St. Ann’s Warehouse. This discussion looks to the ways in which Louis’ observations of classism, homophobia, and racism in French society—also addressed in his highly acclaimed nonfiction book, Who Killed My Father—makes the invisible visible and confronts readers and viewers with searing truths. This event is part of Brooklyn Falls for France. Please visit event Website for detailed/updated information. Image: bam.org
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Tuesday · Nov 12, 2019 · 00:00
BAM Fisher
321 Ashland Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA
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