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Talk & Reading: Bernard-Henri Lévy in Conversation with Thomas Kaplan
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Talk & Reading: Bernard-Henri Lévy in Conversation with Thomas Kaplan

Across the globe, authoritarian leaders seek to undermine democratic institutions and chip away at ethical norms. Human history tells us that the darkest and most treacherous times have erupted when the key universal values of tolerance and mutual respect have been undermined. As the last witnesses and survivors of the horrors of the 20th century pass away, 92Y hosts an evening with Bernard-Henri Lévy and Thomas S. Kaplan. Join these dynamic speakers, the co-founders of Justice for Kurds, as they honor the living memory of those lost to genocide and discuss how victims’ legacies can be perpetuated to new generations. While answering the very real and urgent questions “could genocide happen again, and where?” they address an existential challenge: is “Never Again” simply a slogan or a genuine call to action. This program is part of 92Y Recanati-Kaplan Talks. Please visit event Website for detailed/updated information. Image: 92y.org
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Tuesday · Nov 05, 2019 · 00:30
92nd Street Y
1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10128, USA
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